VIDEO: Suddenly fan took a photo and did something that flew Jasmin Bhasin's senses

Jasmin Bhasin, who won everyone's heart with her performances in the TV industry, has been growing day by day ever since she came out of Bigg Boss. His photos and videos are currently doing the same on social media. Now recently a video of the actress appearing with her fan has surfaced. You can see that in this video she is silently photographed but only then something happens to her that she loses consciousness. Well, you must be aware that Jasmin Bhasin is in the news on social media.



The actress is known for wooing fans in different ways. At the same time, wherever fans see Jasmin, they are desperate to click selfies with them. Now one such video has surfaced that you can see here. In it, Jasmin Bhasin is suddenly kissed by a fan that you can see. Jasmin's reaction to a fan's doing so is worth watching. The video of Jasmin Bhasin is now going viral on social media.

You can see Jasmin Bhasin in this video is spotted by a media reporter outside the hospital. That's where one of his fans comes to her to take a selfie and suddenly kisses Jasmin. Jasmin loses consciousness over it. Now his fans are making many funny comments watching this video of Jasmin. Well, Jasmin is dating actor Aly Goni these days. The two are seen enjoying themselves together day in and day out.

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