Girl angry with her boyfriend's marriage called home and burnt him with acid

Lucknow: A shocking case has come to light in Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Here a girlfriend attacked her own lover with acid. He was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition but died. According to the media report, the accused girl was extremely angry due to her boyfriend's marriage being fixed elsewhere. The incident took place in Hariparwat area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAgra on Thursday. It is being told that the girlfriend first invited the lover to her house on the pretext of getting a fan of her room and then poured a bottle full of acid on her.

As soon as the acid fell, the boy started to suffer badly. Screaming everywhere. In a hurry, he was admitted to the hospital for treatment. But he could not be saved. At the same time, the woman is also scorched due to acid. He is also undergoing treatment in the hospital. However, the police has arrested the accused girl. The accused girl Sonam is a nurse by profession. At the same time, the victim named Devendra was a resident of Kasganj in UP. He used to work as an assistant in a lab in Agra. There was a love affair between the two for a long time. It is being told that both live in live relations too. But due to the boy's marriage being fixed elsewhere, a lot of quarrels were going on between the two. But both were in touch with each other. Their relationship was not completely over.

The girl suddenly called the boy and said that the fan of her room has deteriorated. On the pretext of correcting it, she called lover Devendra to her house. As soon as the boy reached there, there was a lot of debate between the two, then after getting in a fit, the girl poured an acid bottle on him. Hearing the voice of the boy's scream, the people around immediately rushed him to the hospital. The scorched girl was also admitted to the hospital. The boy died during treatment. At the same time, the police arrested the accused girl, she is also undergoing treatment in the hospital. SP City Rohan P Botre said that the accused girl is currently under police custody. Due to scorching, she is being treated. Also, legal action is being taken against her.

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