Jabalpur: Woman called to talk about marriage, raped!

May 08 2021 08:40 AM
Jabalpur: Woman called to talk about marriage, raped!

Jabalpur: Crime is also on the rise amid the growing havoc of corona. Now, the case that has come to light is from Jabalpur. A young woman has been held hostage and raped in Lordganj here. As part of the information received in the case, the accused had called the girl home to talk about marriage. It was here that he took the young woman hostage and then raped her for about four days. The accused also assaulted the girl in the case and burnt her with a cigarette.

The girl, who somehow escaped from there, has lodged a police complaint and the police have also registered a case. The accused has now been arrested. In the case, the girl said in her complaint that "she had gone to his house to talk about marriage to Santosh alias Batasha Agarwal who lives near the big Mahavir temple. There Santosh grabbed her and tied his hands and feet. He held her hostage for about 4 days. During this time he assaulted her and also burnt her with a cigarette.''

The victim reportedly suffered injuries at several places in her body due to the assault. The victim is now undergoing treatment at a private hospital. Talking about the entire case, TI Praful Srivastava said, "A report has been filed on the complaint of the girl. A rape case has been registered against the accused and arrested. The accused has done such a thing in the past and is also convicted in the murder case.''

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