Video: Young man made gold-silver jewelry for cow-calf

The relationship between animals and humans is very cute and examples of this are seen many times. Now once again an example has come out that has made everyone happy. This is actually the case of Gujarat where a young man has done something that after knowing that everyone's heart becomes happy. We are talking about Vijay Parsana, a resident of Gujarat who loves his cow and calf so much that he has made jewelry for him. The biggest thing is that these ornaments are not of flowers or leaves but of gold and silver.


For his cow and his calf, he talked to Manoj Soni, owner of AB Jewelers. After the conversation, Manoj agreed to make jewelry but he placed a big condition for it. He said, "They will make the jewelry only when Vijay brings his cow to his showroom." After accepting this condition, Vijay Parsana took his cow and calf from the car to the showroom. Here Manoj Soni decorated the cow and after that also performed the aarti of the cow. During this, flowers of rain were also showered on the cow-calf.

Meanwhile, Vijay's entire family and the showroom staff were also present there. The entire showroom was decorated with flowers and it seemed as if someone was getting married. Here the cow and the calf were sent off after feeding the cow and the calf with ornaments. Now the person who is getting to know about this has not even praised Manoj Soni and Vijay Parsana.

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