A heartwarming thanks by MUA Arwa Beig to the healthcare workers.

A heartwarming thanks by MUA Arwa Beig to the healthcare workers.

A young UAE resident recently launched an initiative to give back to society. She intends to spread a smile across people’s faces.

Arwa Beig is a 20 year old Indian American living in Dubai. Instead of throwing a birthday party to celebrate with her friends, she decided to launch #ArwasBeautyBelief. This intitative is to give beautiful makeovers to women on the frontline. To women who are selflessly working to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beig took a make-up course at the Glauca Rossi College of London in 2019. Her initiative aims to make a difference in peoples life. She combines her love for beauty with the ability to make women feel celebrated and empowered through her makeovers.

Arwa's journey as MUA began when her mother, Zoha Beig, was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Arwa was 17 years old then. Everytime after tha chemotherapy when her mom got Make up done , she realised how much it uplifted her mother's spirits. She understood what alittle makeover could do. It could surely put on smiles on people's faces.

“In today’s day and age, doctors and nurses are the true living heroes. They work timelessly and selflessly helping others. I want to celebrate them,” says Beig. She got in touch with a few health care frontline workers to give them a total beauty makeover and make them feel special for a day. She gives them a beautiful makeover, takes them out for dinner and also books them tickets to visit people they love.

Arwa’s Beauty Beliefs initiative will continue to inspire Beig every day. She dreams to empower women and grow her initiative to be an added value to the community of beauty. Her thought to support and empower women is very unique and notable. She beleives in women standing up for each other and encouraging eachother's success. With her humble and thoughtful nature she is sure to achieve all her dreams and goals in life.

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