A Hindu youth was forcibly converted and made Abdul Rahim, five people including cleric arrested

Ahmedabad:  A new case has come to light amidst cases of large-scale conversions in Gujarat. A cleric from Bharuch and four Muslims from Pursa village in Amod taluka have been detained for forcibly converting a Hindu youth to Islam. Pursa village is very close to Kankaria village in Amod taluka, where an FIR was registered in November 2021 for forcibly converting 100 Hindus of the tribal Vasava community.

The five accused in the Pursa case were named Anwar Khan Ibrahim Pathan, Gemlsang Bharatsang Singha, Imran Noorbha Malek and Jahangir Ghulam Sardar Malek. He had threatened a Hindu man named Chhagan Raiji Parmar 12 to 15 years ago that he would have to convert to Islam or leave the village. He converted him to Abdul Rahman Parmar with the help of Maulvi Abdul Rahim Hafeji Napawala of Bholava.

One of the perpetrators, Anwar Khan Ibrahim Pathan, submitted an affidavit to give a plot to the victim, while Imran Noorbhai Malek gave an affidavit promising the construction of a residence. Two others, Jemalsang Bharatsang Singha and Jahangir Ghulam Sardar Malek, threatened the victim to convert to Islam or leave the village. The victim used to work in Maryam Masjid of Pursa village and was not paid salary for two years. As per reports, the investigation has been handed over to the Deputy SP of Jambusar. The accused have been charged under the Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act.

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