Visit the holy land of Varanasi !

The holy land of Varanasi Situated at the banks of the Ganga River has much more to offer its visitors other than the Ganga river ghats. Let's take a short visit of Varanasi-

Sarnath: Situated at 10 km from Varanasi this Buddhist pilgrimage appeals peoples from around the world.

Chunar fort: Lies 37 km from Varanasi, Chunar fort is covered by river Ganga from two sides.

Gauri Kedareshwar temple: Varanasi is land where Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati were lived. Kedar ghat is the busiest place which you find always crowded with devotees of Shiva and Parvati.

Durga temple: The 18th century temple situated at the south of the main city and away from the ghats the red temple of Goddess Durga is an ancient temple that attracts many visitors.

Ramnagar: Another ancient structure which can be seen across ghat on the other side of the Ganga. 

Kushti akhada: The ancient gyms of Varanasi where you can see youngsters wrestling with age-old weights. 

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