Told wife got new job, and husband runs away with neighbour

Kolkata: A shocking case has come to light regarding the illegitimate relationship from Hooghly of West Bengal. Where the married man ran away with a widowed woman living in the neighbourhood. The person's wife has given a complaint in the police station. Police are now probing the matter. The victim says that she searched her husband everywhere, called several times, but nothing could be found. After some time when she reached the house of a sister-in-law living in the neighbourhood, then the whole matter was understood.

The victim has told the police in her complaint that a few days ago her husband was keeping some important papers in his bag. When she asked her husband Shubh Mandal why are you doing this? So the husband replied that he was going to get a good job, then he put all the papers in the bag. She didn't doubt him at all. But in the afternoon her husband went somewhere and when he did not come home for a long time, she started searching for her husband. But nothing came to light. 

When she reached the house of the widowed sister-in-law living in the neighbourhood looking for her husband, she found a note there. On which it was written, she is running away from here on her own wish to start a new life with Shubh Mandal. Also, she wrote that she does not want anything from her husband's ancestral property. It is being told that the husband of the woman living in the neighbourhood had died two years ago. After this, the closeness between Shubh Mandal and Reema Chaudhary started increasing and gradually both of them started falling in love with each other. The victim has requested the police to find her husband at the earliest.

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