A joyous environment turned into sorrow, a Celebratory fire in wedding ceremony killed a woman

Apr 16 2019 02:15 PM
A joyous environment turned into sorrow, a Celebratory fire in wedding ceremony killed a woman

Indore: In a recent incident, a environment of joy turned lost all its  fervour as a man allegedly opened celebratory fire and killed his wife while attending a marriage. The incident took place at a village in the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. It was the wedding of the deceased's brother. Here it is to be noted that the accused is a police constable and has also served in the army. The accused was identified as Aap Singh. The accused is posted at the Rajgarh police station in the Dhar district.

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Here it is to be noted that allegedly, the accused was dancing and opening  celebratory fire with a 12-bore rifle. The accused stopped in the middle to reload his gun. While the accused was reloading and locking the rifle, a shot was fired. The bullet hit the deceased on the body.  The people who were attending the wedding took the deceased to a hospital in Sadarpur. From that hospital, the deceased was referred to the Bhoj Hospital in Dhar. The doctor who examined the deceased, Dr Giriraj Bhurre said that the deceased breathed her last when she was being shifted from Sadarpur.

According to the Source report, the accused had his last posting Mandu. A resident of the Santia Todi village, the accused earlier served in the army. A case against the accused was filed at the Kallidevi police station. The accused has not been arrested yet.  Another wedding that turned grim within  a matter of seconds took place on March 3 in the national capital. After an argument broke out between a man and a some other guests over the music that was playing at the wedding, the latter fired shots at the man. In an attempt to shield her husband from the bullet, the man's wife tried to save him. The bullet hit the woman and she collapsed. Though she was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared the woman dead on arrival.

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