A kiss changed Kylie Jenner's fate, today is the mistress of billions

Hollywood actress Kylie Jenner is known to the whole world. Kylie Jenner is also in the news for her look. Kylie Jenner also keeps sharing her looks, photos and videos with fans who are loved by fans. There was a time when Kylie's boyfriend made fun of her for being lips short. After which Kylie Jenner started a cosmetic line called her lip kit, after which the actress became a billionaire at a very young age.

Kylie had said on the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she started wearing makeup when she started feeling insecure about her lips. Her boyfriend commented after which she said that she is a good kisser but her lips are very small. After which the actress started feeling that she was not fit to kiss. This is where Kylie Jenner started experimenting with lip fillers. Kylie started her cosmetic line called Kylie Lip Kit at the age of 19 only. Kylie Jenner named it Kylie Cosmetics. Today the actress is a billionaire.

According to media reports Kylie may soon become a mother for the second time. Kylie Jenner has a daughter before that. Kylie Jenner gave birth to daughter Stomy at the age of 20 she had hidden the news of her pregnancy.

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