Butterfly Trying To Disguise Itself See Viral Video

Jun 11 2021 03:51 PM
Butterfly Trying To Disguise Itself See Viral Video

You must have seen many videos on social media till date which must have been shocking. Today we are going to show you a similar video. This video is also shocking which you can watch. The video is fast going viral at the moment. People are surprised to see this viral video going on at the moment. Yes, in fact, there is something in this video that makes the onlookers lose their senses.

In fact, in this video, there is a leaf lying on the ground which suddenly forms the shape of a butterfly. You can see that when a person touches the dry leaf lying on the ground in this video, the butterfly suddenly starts flying. This viral video is considered by some to be magic or video editing but there is neither yo editing nor any magic.

This video was shared by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Now people are loving it very much. So far, the video has received close to 80,000 views. With this, more than 2000 likes have been received. What he is watching this video is unable to help but praise it.

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