Got Over 'Water Crisis!' THIS machine makes water from the air

New Delhi: You may have seen water drops stored outside cold bottles of cold drinks several times. After wiping the bottle with a cloth, these drops accumulate back on their outer layer. Where do these drops of water come from? They come from the outside environment, from the air. On this principle, scientists in countries like the United States, Spain, Israel have created air-to-air water making machines. These machines cool the air using wires like AC i.e. air conditioner and then collect water droplets in a container. It is not magic, but a science of converting the humidity in the air into water.

Ted Bauman, a design engineer at Washington-based Tsunami Products in the US, told Deutsche Welle, "We're actually making water from the humidity in the air with the help of these machines. It is one of the many systems that have recently been designed to make water out of the humidity in the air.'' He points out that the machines of his company remove the humidity from the air. The water that comes out of it can be filtered and made potable.

According to the report, air-to-water machines can be used in many places, including homes, offices. These machines work better, especially in areas where there is fog. According to their size, these machines can make up to 900 to 8,600 litres of water a day. These machines are not cheap and are available in the range of $30,000 to $2,00,000 (ranging from Rs 22,43,796 to Rs 1,49,58,640). However many people in California are buying machines to satisfy the water requirement in their homes. California is currently facing the worst drought in its history. There is an appeal to the people to conserve water.

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