A man in Nagpur killed his in-laws over property disputes

In a horrific incident, a 40-year-old  man killed his in-laws with an axe over property disputes, the man also strangled his wife, Kalpana, leaving his injured wife and daughter behind. 

According to the report, the accused, name Narmu Seeta Yadav, is a resident of Nagpur’s Amar Nagar area. After his marriage to Kalpana in the year 2013,  he had been leaving with his in-laws namely Bhagwan Ravare of age 75, and Puspa Ravare age 70.

Thinking that victim, Bhagwan Ravare was rich, because of his stable milk business and having 50 goats, the accused married Ravare’s daughter, he later asked his in-laws for the two-story house, when denied, it became a dispute in the house, which motivated Yadav to murder his in-laws. 

The incident took place on Sunday when Seeta Yadav who is a driver by profession, under the influence of alcohol tried to strangle his wife and killed her parents, he even went on to attack the neighbours who tried to step in. His in-laws were declared brought dead at the hospital whereas Kalpana and her daughter are currently admitted to the hospital, receiving treatment. 

Further information about the culprit is yet to come, as police are still investigating the matter. 

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