A man shot dead by in-laws after 2 years of love marriage

Jun 06 2019 01:00 PM
A man shot dead by in-laws after 2 years of love marriage

A recent case of guilt has emerged. In this case, a young man has had to pay his life to marry a girl. Yes, the young man has been shot dead after two years of marriage. According to the reports, the relatives of the deceased have been charged with murder in their laws. Yes, a 25-year-old man was shot dead near Baluha Bridge in Mahishi Police station area of Saharsa district last Wednesday homologous reports in the case.

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According to the sources, the deceased young man was named Rupesh Kumar and was a graduate student. Rupesh Kumar, along with his younger brother, was leaving his village Mangroli from Baluwaha Bazar. The motorcycle-borne criminals shot and killed Rupesh's bike. It killed him on the spot. At the same time, the Mahishi police had been in duty at a distance from the site, but even then the perpetrators carried out the incident. In this case, the deceased student was a resident of Mangroli village of Ana Panchayat at Rupesh Mahishi police station area and Jugesh Rai, younger brother of the deceased, said that Rumesh loved a girl from his own village and the two had fled two years ago and got married.

The girl's relatives were then furious and last Wednesday, the girl's family, along with her colleague, were shot and killed by Rumesh. In this case, the deceased's boy said that he somehow ran out and saved himself. In this case, the police have registered a case on the statement of the family and the investigation.

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