A married woman hanged herself in a suspicious condition

Jun 12 2019 08:10 PM
A married woman hanged herself in a suspicious condition

A recent case of crime has surfaced from Firozabad. The case is being reported June 11. Reports say a married of homologous has died in an ambiguity on Tuesday in the Dhulpura of Thana Linat. Yes, the police have brought the body to the District hospital for post mortem. In this case, it has been revealed that Dailey (23), wife Dhanapal Singh, died on Tuesday in an ambiguous execution. There was a hadkamp in Sasrasaljans after the incident was reported and all the shocked were visibly upset.

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In this case, a crowd of villagers gathered to shout, and someone gave the information to the police and the police had reached the spot and took the body to the District Hospital for post-mortem. According to the information found in the case, the Thana Incharge Linecross reported that Dailey's execution had resulted in death and that information was given to the maiden party.

It is not the first such case homologous reports that there have been many cases that have been surprising. The case is currently under investigation which will be completed soon.

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