A new assault rifle has arrived in Mobile Season 6, it will eliminate enemies from a long distance
A new assault rifle has arrived in Mobile Season 6, it will eliminate enemies from a long distance

Activision has unveiled a powerful new weapon, the BP50 Assault Rifle, in Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile. This addition promises significant changes to the game, expected to commence on June 26th. The BP50 is designed to cater especially to players seeking long-range capabilities with high-speed firepower.

Features of BP50 Assault Rifle

The BP50 Assault Rifle is a fully automatic weapon equipped with high-speed firing and long-range precision capabilities. It is poised to be the top choice for players who prefer precise and rapid targeting from a distance. Its high rate of fire can devastate enemies from all directions, supported by multiple scopes for accurate long-range shooting.

Gameplay Impact of the New Weapon

Gamers can enhance their abilities across various modes in Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 using the BP50 Assault Rifle. It particularly shines in multiplayer modes, offering substantial advantages. Even in Battle Royale mode, this weapon can significantly improve a player's position and strategy.

New Challenges with the Weapon

Alongside the introduction of the BP50 in Call of Duty Mobile Season 6, several new challenges and rewards have been introduced. Players can engage in new missions and complete them using this new weapon. The season brings opportunities to earn new skins, blueprints, and other items by completing fresh challenges. Additionally, new operator skins and customization options with this assault rifle can further enrich players' gaming experiences.

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