A new conqueror of the technology world: Divesh Gupta

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded the humanity” : Albert Einstein

The above quoted words came straight from the mouth of none other than a gem of 20th century Sir Albert Einstein. Ever since the start of time, the face of humanity has changed in a tremendous way and these changes are carried out by some influential people that has the ability to change people's lives just by their mere presence.

Divesh Gupta, a learner, hustler, or a budding entrepreneur by whatever name he is being called has also influenced a lot of masses.

Divesh Gupta, founder of one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies “Neusul”, is an intellectual genius. He has been a prodigy since his childhood. Being from a middle-class background Divesh always had to learn things the hard way but it is only due to his passion and perseverance he has achieved this big milestone at such a young age.

Divesh, understood that digital marketing is an ocean full of opportunities which has a wide variety of domains still untouched or barely acquired. He understood the need of the market and provided various clients with his satisfactory services. It was in 2020 that he decided to take his dream to the next level and found a perfect fit that had the same passion for the industry and would be able to share the pain of struggles to reach success. This fit was none other than Waqar who shared the same will of fire for the digital marketing domain.

Divesh and Waqar, soon came along with each other just like two peas in a pod. 1 January 2021, that was the day they turned their friendship into a partnership and inaugurated their company named, “Neusul”. They both worked day in and out and saw their dream turning into a beautiful reality. Due to his love for this field Divesh has now started to educate the younger generation regarding the various possibilities and exploration that may help them to be what they desire. With this new year’s onset, he has now different goals for himself as well as his company.

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