A new initiative of Lenovo’s Moto brand: 'Skip The Sevens'
A new initiative of Lenovo’s Moto brand: 'Skip The Sevens'

Lenovo’s Moto brand has started off a new initiative, called ‘Skip the Sevens’. Its not about conveying any sugar coated message to the users, it is just dig at the big smartphone giants such as – IPhone 7, SAMSUNG S7 and galaxy note 7.

Moto with the influential initiative by posting a Full page advertisement is directly pointing at Moto Z and Moto Mod and asking apple and Samsung users to see what innovation really is rather than just improving or incrementing previous products.

Along with these steps the company has also posted a video online which tells us about the blind brand loyalty of users and about choosing brand over innovation.

Interestingly, Lenovo isn’t the first company to do so. LeEco and OnePlus have also tweeted out from their official handle to point and aim at the missing headphone jack and this is just a small change not a big innovation.


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