Tamil Nadu: Priest starts stealing bikes in lockdown

Jun 15 2020 04:21 PM
Tamil Nadu: Priest starts stealing bikes in lockdown

Chennai: Priest is said as a man of God. Many people came to him to apologize for their crimes. He claimed to help people get forgiveness of their sins, but he himself committed the crime. Vijayan Samuel, the priest of a church in Tamil Nadu, was caught on Saturday in bike theft. Police said 36-year-old Vijayan is the originator of Theni. He operated the Parthna Hall with a rented hall at Thanakkulam on the outskirts of Madurai.

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Here all people came to him to apologize for their mistakes. He was operating the hall for the last two years. Police said that when the lockdown was done due to Coronavirus, people stopped coming to its hall. When people stopped coming, the donations coming to him also stopped. He rented this hall for 10 thousand rupees per month. Vijayanay did not have rupees to pay the rent.

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For this reason, the pastor started stealing the bikes parked on the road. He opened the bikes with keys and started it and escaped from there. For this purpose, he started keeping watch over people in SS Colony, Subramanyamapuram, and Thirumangalam areas. The people would steal the bikes and the pastor would steal it. He got the fake documents prepared for the bikes and sold it and started earning money. Vijayan stole three bikes of this type and also sold it to his family members. Those who came to pray with him used to contact him and sell him the stolen bikes.

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