Pakistan is 'hell' for Hindus and Christians, heartbreaking report surfaced
Pakistan is 'hell' for Hindus and Christians, heartbreaking report surfaced

Islamabad: Many religious minorities including Hindus and Christians in Pakistan faced forced religious conversion and persecution in the year 2019. According to the Pakistan Human Rights Commission (HRCP), religious minorities have been unable to take religion or their freedom under the law of the country. The report titled 'Human Rights Status in 2019' states that, 'Both Hindu and Christian communities in Sindh and Punjab have been complaining of forced conversions and forced conversions of girls under 14 in Punjab and Was forced to marry.

In Sindh, the families of two Hindu girls claimed that they were abducted for marriage and forcibly converted. The Islamabad High Court said in its judgment that the girls were not minors during the marriage and were asked to return to the husband's house. According to the report, the top court in January set up a commission to implement the 2014 ruling to protect the rights of minorities and promote a culture of religious and social tolerance. In order to protect the minorities from forced conversions, the 22-member parliamentary committee was finally informed in November and tasked to make laws against forced conversions.

In the cases of kidnapping and forced conversions among Hindus, there has been a dispute whether the girls involved in this married with their consent or they were forced. Talking about the status of women in the country, the report said that Pakistan was ranked 151st out of 153 in the World Economic Forum on Global Gender Gap Index.

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