A Robber died after guard's gun goes off

May 11 2019 10:30 AM
A Robber died after guard's gun goes off

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a robber was shot dead allegedly by a security guard while attempting to loot a cash van in Pul Prahaladpur here on Friday, police said. According to Delhi Police, the robbery was averted due to instant action by a security guard travelling in the van but the robber lost his life in a scuffle.

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According to a senior officer, Blood and chilli powder were seen at the spot of the incident, he said. A security guard identified as Rao Saheb Ramesh, who claimed to be employed as a cashier at MEP Infra Developers said the deceased had attempted to rob the cash van in which he was travelling in with approximately Rs 14 lakh cash.

The robber attempted to rob the van by entering though its back door. When the guard travelling with the cashier attempted to prevent the robbery, the man retaliated and in the ensuing scuffle the guard's rifle went off and the bullet hit the man, Delhi police said. The bullet hit the robber who was immediately rushed to the Trauma Centre where he was brought dead. 

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