A shocking case has came to light from Banda

A shocking case has come to light from Banda, UP. Actually, after knowing this matter, your senses will fly away. According to the information received, a middle-aged man was bitten by a snake and after that he made the snake his own morsel. You must be surprised to hear but it is true. After getting information about this, the family members of the middle-aged got scared and immediately rushed to hospitalize the young man. Here the young man is being treated by a team of doctors. It is being told that the doctors say that the patient's condition is stable. On the other hand, the news of snake bite and then snake eating remains a topic of discussion in the whole area. This case is being told of Sayohat village of Kamasin police station.

In fact, Matabal Singh, who lives here, was returning home from the farm and during this time he was bitten by a snake on the way. Due to all this, Mata Badal got angry and then he made the snake his morsel. At the same time, when he returned home, the family members inquired after seeing blood on his hands, then he told the whole story. After knowing about this matter, the family got scared and in a hurry got the mother changed to the health center.

From here, the doctors referred the trauma center after first aid. The doctors at the trauma center here say that the person is out of danger. On the other hand, Dr. Vineet Sachan said that the patient is absolutely healthy, he has no problem of any kind. On the other hand, on the information of snake bite, a drum was played in the village, and Vaidya, who took out snake venom, came and he himself is surprised to see this matter. The person is healthy even after snake bite. In this case, the police expressed surprise that a person was bitten by a snake in the Kamasin police station area, then he ate the snake in anger and his condition is stable at this time.

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