Bihar: Shopkeeper shot dead by customer for not giving gutkha

Supaul: A surprising case has come to light from Bihar's Supaul district, where a Rs 20 gutka has become the cause of death of a person. Yes, the murder of a grocery businessman has been done simply because he refused to lend a gutka of 20 rupees. This incident is from Triveniganj in Supaul district of Bihar. Where on Tuesday morning, when accused Ajit Kumar reached the grocery store, a young man named Mithilesh Kumar was shot dead.

Actually, it happened that 1 day before the incident, criminal Ajit Kumar had an argument with the father of the deceased Mithilesh Kumar. That day Ajit Kumar reached the shop of the father of the deceased and asked him to lend a gutkha of 20 rupees. At the same time, the father of the deceased refused to give gutkha of 20 rupees after which both of them fiercely quarreled. On Tuesday morning, Ajit Kumar, along with his two other colleagues, reached the same shop again. But at that time the father of the deceased was not present at the shop. At that time his younger son Mithilesh Kumar was sitting at the shop. 

During this, Ajit Kumar again got into an argument with Mithilesh Kumar, after which Ajit Kumar shot and killed Mithilesh Kumar on the spot itself. The elder brother of the deceased Mithilesh Kumar says that at the time his younger brother was shot, he was present nearby and by the time he could reach the shop, the accused escaped from the crime scene. After this, the matter was reported to the police. On receiving the information of the incident, Triveniganj police reached the spot and started investigating the case. The police are constantly raping the accused involved in the incident.

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