A Small town artist Darshan Patil makes his presence in the music industry

Remember how we cry over pity things in life. Sometimes, life does not go our way. Instead of fighting back, we keep blaming others for it without realising our own mistakes. We don’t give our full efforts to break the jar and get on top.

Now, what if I tell you that there is a young boy who rose and made his dream a passion despite having almost no facilities available around. He is living this dream and is constantly working on the facilities that he lacked so that no other guy from his area has to go through what he has seen in the future. He is none other than Darshan Patil. Recently, his songs have been a hit on the market.

Darshan Patil was born on 24th May 2003, in a small town called Pachora, Jalgaon district in Maharashtra. He completed his schooling at Sharda English Medium, Pachora. After that, he went to Shri Sheth Murlidharji Mansingka College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

Life has always been hard on him. It is never been easy for him to get even the basic services. He was always interested in music, but couldn’t find many sources around him to learn the music. But, he was always a fighter. Without giving up, he started learning music through online platforms like YouTube.

At the tender age of 15, he was publishing his Bollywood covers on YouTube. After exploring this field, he got involved in it and wanted to continue doing his work here. Not just music, he has also done courses in digital marketing and is the founder of one of the fastest-growing news portals, named after him, FactDarshan Times.

You can delay the success but can’t avoid it. The same was the case for Darshan. He had to wait and do the toughest of the handwork to reach his peak, but it paid off for him well. He got the opportunity to work with other hardworking artists like him from around the country. Even after gaining fame, he is still grounded and always collaborates with younger and more talented artists.

Recently, he released two songs in a short period and no surprise, both of them surpassed his expectations. The songs are ‘Rashtrawadi Punha’ and ‘Shot Crack’ song of which, Rashtrawadi Punha has got boosting response from the audience. People are loving it and it has been the talk of the town since then. His other works which vibe people include Saheb Sobatila, Gadi Ekta Nighala, Popup Beats, Ocean Beach Music and Desh Ha Shivrayancha.

Imagine what he can do, if all the facilities like a good music teacher, proper music instruments and the studio would have been provided to him and his likes, they would have been to some other level.

No other artist has to go through this and he took the initiative to build these things around his area. Not just in his area, but in the future, he will be covering a big part of the country. One of his goals is to give back Pachora the respect it always deserved. For that, he is planning to build the biggest music studio in Pachora.

He has also devoted himself to social service and is constantly working in villages to provide the kids over there with clothes and books and periodically organises free food distribution programmes. He also entertains people for free with his gift of music.

From working with The Times of India to Thrive Global he gave a glimpse to his journey, With such great works both on and off his career, he is ready to bring some of the prolonged music to his audience in near future.

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