OMG!: Not one or two, this woman gave birth to 10 children at a time in South Africa

Cape Town: You may have heard of 3 to 4 children being born simultaneously at the time of delivery of one of your women, but have you ever heard that a woman has given birth to ten children at a time? But this is a 100 percent true case that has come to light from South Africa, where a woman has shocked everyone by giving birth to 10 children at once.

According to reports, on June 7, a 37-year-old woman named Gosiami Dhamara Cithole set a new world record by giving birth to ten children at a time. The woman has been the operated on in which she has given birth to seven boys and three girls simultaneously. According to African media, the doctor had told the woman that 6 children were born before delivery, while the woman's husband was expected to have eight children. The couple is now very happy with the birth of their 10 children, but it was not easy for the her to have 10 children at once. At the same time, the doctors acted carefully at the time of delivery and saved the lives of the woman and her children.

According to reports, a woman named Haleema Sisi of Mali in Morocco last month entered the new Guinness Book of World Records by giving birth to 9 children at a time, but her record has now been broken just a month later, as the sitcom has given birth to 10 children simultaneously.

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