A story of a successful entrepreneur and freelancer Abed Sarker

Among the famous entrepreneurs of Bangladesh, Abed Sarker is a very popular entrepreneur. He was born in Narsingdi district of Bangladesh. Today Abed is successful with Abed's will power. Abed started freelancing since 2017. Apart from Abeder Saftala, he started a company called 'Independent Entrepreneur' in Shibpur Upazila of Narsingdi district in 2019. Abed believes that one can earn lakhs of rupees per month without having a job by freelancing. At present, Abed is constantly providing services in the country and outside the country. Abed never thought it would stop. Because Abed did not have to struggle much. Abed was able to earn money after starting freelancing. After receiving the money, Abed's work speed increased more than double.

How to get into freelancing? If you want to hear the story from the beginning, Abed says-

The incident happened in 2017. Intrigued, I started researching online on how to earn from the Internet. I got interested in freelancing after reading various articles and watching YouTube tutorials. It was very difficult in the beginning. However, through hard work, I have managed to bring myself to this position today. My Hardest Memories The beginning of freelancing was tough. I had to work at home all day. That's why many people said what to do sitting at home all day. But gradually people lost that idea. Besides, I didn't get much work in the beginning. That's all there is to trouble. Lots of fun memories. But the funniest thing is that those who used to mock me at one time, are now praising me after seeing my success. This is very funny to me. I had no startup capital. I didn't even train anywhere. Learned the work just by surfing the internet and watching tutorials on YouTube. So I can tell everyone with great confidence that I am the craftsman myself. Family support was parents. But the family is not only made up of parents. There are many more here. Relatives used to say that I cannot do anything in life. I just sit at home all the time. That's why I was very upset at first. But today, seeing my success, these members are very appreciative. In the future, I will try to give everyone the opportunity to freelancing and let everyone know about my initiative. All of our future society will depend on these works. Besides, to highlight the freelancing of Bangladesh like other countries of the world and move forward in keeping with them

When asked about his company, Abed said-

I work with Lead Generation, Data Entry, Amazon Affiliate, Facebook Advertising and Digital Marketing.

Abed said about the new entrepreneurs.

Nowadays it is very difficult to get a job. Thousands of unemployed are roaming around. There are lots of jobs online. It is possible to earn lakhs of rupees every month from here. So you can become self-reliant by working hard in the right direction without looking for a job. Those who are going to start new freelancing should bring patience. Because in the beginning you may not get success. But do not lose heart.

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