Education officer caught returning bribe of Rs 30,000

Oct 17 2020 11:47 AM
Education officer caught returning bribe of Rs 30,000

Bikaner: In today's time, taking bribe has become a custom. Every other person is seen taking bribe. Now recently a case related to this has come up. The case is being reported from Bikaner in Rajasthan. In Bikaner, an officer of the Education Department had taken a bribe from the complainant in exchange for doing his work, but when he could not complete the work the complainant started pressuring him to return the money.

According to the information, as soon as the officer started returning his money to the complainant, he was caught. The matter is being referred to the Director Office of Education Department, Bikaner. A joint legal adviser Badrinarayan Vyas has been caught by the ACB returning Rs 30,000 for the bribe. DIG Dr. Vishnukanth says in this case that 'Arjunram Jat made a written complaint in Mundwa Marwar of Nagaur'.

In the complaint made by him, it was told that 'he has been appointed to the post of PTI in the Education Department. Four criminal cases against him were already under consideration in the Directorate of Secondary Education as they were pending before the court. The Joint Legal Advisor of the Directorate Vyas asked for an amount of Rs 30,000 to file a report in his favor, which he gave. The court has dismissed his case and now he started demanding his money back from Vyas. After that, as soon as Vyas started returning his money, the ACB officer arrested Vyas.

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