Woman gets arrested for having illicit relations; know more

Meerut: In the TP Nagar police station area of Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, the people of an area grabbed the caught a lady red-handed having illicit relations with her doctor lover. In the other room, the woman's husband and three innocent children were found to be in a state of unconsciousness. It is reported that according to Shadab, a resident of Malyana in Meerut, Sardhana's Doctor Wasim is familiar with her. Due to which Dr Wasim often came to Shadab's house.

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Shadab explained that whenever Wasim came to his house, he used to bring Biryani and sweets. After eating which, Shadab and his three daughters used to sleep delirious. It is alleged that after that, Dr Wasim and Shadab's wife used to get intimate in the house. Last Friday evening, Dr Wasim gave some food and drink material to Shadab's house. In which the drug of fainting was found. After eating which, Shadab and his three daughters fell unconscious. After which late night Dr Wasim entered the house of Shadab. In the meantime, however, the people of the area saw Wasim entering the house of Shadab and termed him as a thief to the relatives of Shadab living in the neighbourhood.

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After which all the people took the wife of Shadab. But the woman's boyfriend escaped from the house getting a chance. The woman has been arrested on her husband's complaint. The husband alleges that his wife had been putting something like harpic on his genitals after he fainted for the past several months. Causing deep wounds on his genitals. Shadab treated it as a skin disease with doctors and his wife was having affairs.

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