Woman has sex with groom's best friend on wedding day, case comes to light

New Delhi:Strange things keep coming to light during the days of Sha Di. Recently, an incident came to light when a woman had sex with the groom's friend on the wedding day. Not only that, the incident was also revealed. All this happened when the programme started, the two came face to face with each other. Meanwhile, the duo decided to visit a hotel nearby. This was followed by an incident that both of them would not have thought of. In fact, the woman herself has revealed about the incident on social media app Redit.

According to media reports, the woman said she had gone to her best friend's wedding. During this time he met the groom's best friend. The two started talking and soon the two reached out to romance. They both secretly left and took a room in a nearby hotel. The woman did not even tell her husband about it. When they both reached the hotel, the woman suffered a heart attack during the romance and started having severe chest pain. The groom's friend immediately provided medical assistance to the woman, but when the doctor said he had suffered a heart attack, the groom's friend lost consciousness.

However, the buzz was that the woman regained consciousness after some time. The doctor also said that he had a minor heart attack as it was all due to a sharp heartbeat during physical work. The doctor also instructed him to go to the cardiologist. Meanwhile, the groom's friend took full care of the woman and from the hotel they both returned to the wedding ceremony. The report also mentions that the woman did not tell anyone about the incident on the wedding day, but it was only when she told this on Radif that the matter came to light. The woman said that the day was the most thrilling but scariest day of her life. However, the report does not say where the woman is from.

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