A woman went on Honeymoon Alone, Meet Real life Kangana Ranaut from ‘Queen’

The Film which frames Kangana Ranaut’s career is one of the best movies in Bollywood. The idea of the movie is totally different from the kinds of movies made in  Bollywood. In the movie after her Kangana lover ditched her she went on Honeymoon alone but is it possible in real life. Yes it is possible Lacey’s story is very much like Kangana Ranaut’s hit film Queen where even she goes on a trip alone after her fiancé breaks up with her a day before their marriage. 

A woman named Lacey was in a relationship with her partner for 5 years and they even got engaged. The duo was going to tie their knot soon and all preparations were in place. But it all  the dreams of the girl went in vein and everything came to an end when the fiancé broke up with the woman and left a day before the marriage. Her boyfriend ditched his fiancé as he thought he didn’t love her anymore. This came as a shock in the girl life.

Similarly, like Kangana’s character the incidence broke the woman’s heart. However, to overcome the pain of her fiancé ditching her, the woman went on the honeymoon alone. All her bookings were done in advance as the wedding was supposed to happen. The woman, shared her side of the story on social media. In the film, Kangana also thanked her fiancé for giving her new life.

Lacey did and the uncanny similarities make Lacey’s story as worthy as that of a movie. Lacey is now in a new relationship, and she also said that her new ends up thanking her fiancé and the uncanny similarities make Lacey’s story as worthy as that of a movie. She also shares her boyfriend treats her like a queen. She thanked her old fiancé for leaving her a day before the wedding so that she could experience the solo trip.

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