A woman’s husband and his girlfriend kill her and 2.5 yrs toddler daughter

Feb 04 2019 12:20 PM
A woman’s husband and his girlfriend kill her and 2.5 yrs toddler daughter

Mumbai:  On Thursday , The real story behind the two deaths that took place in Shahu Nagar, Mahim East, was finally revealed. It was found that a woman and her daughter who were found dead had not committed suicide as previously thought but had been murdered by the woman’s husband and his girlfriend. According to a report in Saamana, the case was solved in just 12 hours and police have arrested the accused, Iliyaz Sayyed. The accused was a resident of Diamond Apartment in Shahu Nagar and had even killed his two and a half year old girl with a knife. 

However, After committing this murder with the help of his girlfriend Afreen Banu, both of them tried to burn the bodies and sent a fake message from the deceased woman, Tehsin’s mobile phone. Suspicious about the turn of events in the case, police started the investigation by creating separate teams. After going through the CCTV footage of the building and in-depth investigation and questioning, Tehsin's husband Iliyaz Sayyed and his girlfriend Afreen Banu confessed to their crime. 

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Giving more details in this matter, the police said that the accused wanted to kill his wife Tehsin only. However, while he was killing Tehsin, his daughter Alia awoke and started shouting loudly upon witnessing the horrible scene. Panicked upon being found out, he killed Alia too by stabbing her with a knife. Police investigation is on and they suspect more details of the crime being revealed.

The accused Iliyaz and Afreen had an extramarital affair and had planned to kill Tehsin. On Thursday morning, Iliyaz murdered Tehsin and Alia and soon after, Afreen came to his house at to help cover the tracks. They tried to burn the bodies of both the deceased by pouring oil on them.

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