His friends killed a young man in Hyderabad

Oct 03 2020 01:39 PM
His friends killed a young man in Hyderabad

Greed is the source of crime and this can lead to terrible things of the person. A case has recently come to light from Hyderabad's Sangam district that his friends had murdered a young man from Chatrinaka in Ranjol of Zahirabad mandal in Sangam district. The murder came to light on Friday when police arrested two of his friends.

Let us briefly share your information, the victim, identified as Saltguda resident Vishal (22) in Chatrinaka, is in the business of selling used vehicles. According to police, Vishal recently clashed with his friends Nazir and Zahed for over Rs 5,000, which in turn led to a rage against Vishal and decided to kill him, for which they approached two other friends.

But it should be noted that they took Vishal to Zahirabad by car on the excuse of road trip. On Sunday night, when he did not return, his family members started investigating and approached the Chatrinaka police. On suspicion, police arrested Nazir and Zahed on Thursday after which they admitted that Vishal was drunk and stabbed him to death. The body was recovered from Gudapalli in Chiragpalli on Friday and shifted to a government hospital in Zahirabad for autopsy. Officials said that efforts are on to nab other accused in the parade.

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