Now, Aadhaar card mandatory for getting the driving license

Jul 27 2019 02:16 PM
Now, Aadhaar card mandatory for getting the driving license

The Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha. The bill provides for stricter action against traffic rule breakers, where fines up to 30 times more. However, the bill has yet to be passed in the Lok Sabha and will have to be passed in the Rajya Sabha for implementation. If the bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha, your driving license will not be created without the Aadhaar Number (Aadhaar number). In fact, PM Narendra Modi's Modi 2.0 has shown its tough stance on fake driving lines in India. Let's know the full details

In his statement, Nitin Gadkari (Nitin Gadkari) introduced the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha saying that 30 percent driving licenses in India are fake. Meanwhile, Gadkari had said that if there is any country in the world where the cheapest license is available, it is India. Gadkari said that a man gets a license in Delhi and then he goes to Jaipur and Mumbai to get the license. Gadkari had lashed out at the existing system saying that if you look at the photograph of the driving license, the photo will not match.

For your information, the Aadhaar number will be mandatory for driving license and vehicle registration if the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha. This means that you will not be able to get a driving license without aadhaar. At present, the driving license is valid for 20 years, but if the bill is passed, you will have to renew your license after 10 years. For a person of 55 years or more, the driving license will be valid for 5 years only.

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