Today's Panchang: Know today's auspicious timing

Jul 23 2019 09:33 AM
Today's Panchang: Know today's auspicious timing

Nowadays people start their day by seeing more Panchang  than horoscopes. It is considered auspicious to read the Panchang daily in the morning and also have the knowledge of auspicious and unlucky Muhurat from the Panchang. At the same time, they say that the result of the work done during the auspicious time is also good and that no work should be started in Rahukal. On the other hand, worshipping the Moon and the Swamigraha of the Nakshatra is a good day and Abhijit Muhurat is also very creditable. One must visit the temple every day. By revolving around God, they cut off their suffering. So today we are going to tell you today's Calendar.

Panchang of 23rd July 2019-
Day -tuesday
Paksha-  Krishana
Date- Khatti 04:16 PM to Saptami
Nakshatra - Uttrabhadrapad 01:15 PM
Sun Zodiac, Swamigraha-Moon
Lunar Zodiac- Pisces, Swamigraha-Guru
Shubh Muhurat- Abhijit-12 pm to 12:54 pm
Unlucky Muhurat- Rahukal- 3:00 pm to 04:30 pm

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