Today's Panchang: Know the time from Shubh Muhurat to Rahu Kaal

Aug 19 2019 12:28 PM
Today's Panchang: Know the time from Shubh Muhurat to Rahu Kaal

Nowadays, seeing the Panchang and starting your day are considered auspicious. The Rahu kaal has started from 07.33 am today and will continue till 09.10 am. At the same time, keep in mind that during the Rahu Kaal, it is forbidden to perform any auspicious work. Today, the sun is in the Magh Nakshatra and this is the fourth day of the Krishna side of Bhadrapada which will continue till 03.30 am tonight or Tuesday. After that, the Panchami date will start and the Panchak has started from 15th August and is scheduled to end tomorrow, so it will continue throughout the day. At the same time, this suspicion is the year of 1941 of Samvat and the year of Vikram Samvat 2076. The direction is eastward today. So avoid travelling in this direction. Abhijit Muhurat (auspicious time to do good work) in New Delhi area is from 11.59 am to 12.50 pm today. Sunrise in New Delhi is 5.56 pm and Suryast is 06.53 pm. Vijay Muhurat will be from 2.34 pm to 3.26 pm today.

Today's Calendar

Krishna Paksha
Nakshatra - Uttrabhadrapad 07:50 PM Rewati
Karan-Bav again by 02:23 PM
Sun Rashi-Singh, Swamigraha-Sun
Lunar Zodiac - Pisces, Swami-Guru
Shubh Muhurat- Abhijit-Abhijit Muhurat-11:58 am to 12:50 pm
Unlucky Muhurat- Rahukal - 07:30 AM to 09 PM

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