Know here today's horoscope and which color is auspicious for you

May 17 2020 04:00 AM
Know here today's horoscope and which color is auspicious for you

In today's time, people start the day by looking at the horoscope. In such a situation, today we have brought the horoscope of today i.e. May 17.

Horoscope of May 17

1. Aries: Today is the day of busy work at home. With this, you will get success in jobs. Will be happy with health today. Today, there can be a situation of debate about the job.

2. Taurus: Today is a struggle. Today we will expand our action plan. The blue colour is auspicious. Donate food today. Today, we will make the idea of business change.

3. Gemini: Today will give a new direction to the business. Mercury and Chandra will plan new business due to transit. Today your mind will be religious. The green colour is auspicious.

4. Cancer: Now distance yourself from new contracts of new business. Postpone the idea of job change today. Stay at home Today. white colour is auspicious. Will be happy with the economic progress. 

5. Leo: Due to today's Sun and Moon transit, there will be some struggle in the business. Today students will achieve success. People related to jobs will also be worried. Today is the day to engage in religious work at home. Today the yellow colour is auspicious.

6. Virgo: Due to the transit of Moon, Saturn and Mercury, do not do any work under the influence of anyone. Be health conscious today. There is a change in job. Today you will be happy with financial success. Today the blue colour is auspicious.

7. Libra: Today new job opportunities will be available. Transit of Venus can bring a situation of a dispute with the in-laws. Today, worship Ganesha at home. The green colour is auspicious.

8. Scorpio: Maintain self-strength today. Due to Chandra transit, today we will think to expand our work in the business. Today, the Sun of Aries will give success in education. White colour is auspicious. Donate wheat

9. Sagittarius: Today's guru and lunar transit will give conflict in business. Students also have to struggle a bit. Today you will get success in jobs. The money will come. Today red and white colour is auspicious.

10. Capricorn: Today, Guru and Mars transit will succeed you in every task. Job-related people will remain in conflict. Today students will give a new direction to studies. Worship Lord Vishnu. The green colour is auspicious.

11. Aquarius: Today your behaviour will support you a lot. Pay attention to the financial situation. Today the planning of a new business will be successful. The blue colour is auspicious. Donate sesame seeds.

12. Pisces: Today money will come. Will be successful in business. Today the white colour is auspicious. Read Shri Vishnushahasranama.

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