This famous star kid is facing anxiety attack

Ira Khan, the daughter of Bollywood's Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, is always seen sharing things related to her life with fans. However, by looking at every post of hers, you must have felt how much happy life she is living and how much more lucky and blessed she is. What you often see, though, isn't entirely true. Yes, in her new social media post recently, Ira Khan has revealed that she is getting anxiety attacks. You can see that this post of Ira has shocked and upset everyone and fans are now asking her all kinds of questions. In fact, Ira Khan has shared her feelings with fans while sharing a mirror selfie in her no-makeup look.

You can see, Ira wrote in her post - 'I have started getting anxiety attacks. I was nervous. I was taking control of it. She was crying. But I've never had anxiety attacks before. This is the difference between panic and panic attacks. Similarly, Anxiety vs. Anxiety Attack. In her post, Ira Khan further wrote- "As far as I understand it (anxiety attacks), they have physical symptoms. Increased heartbeat or nervousness, shortness of breath. Apart from this, crying and it keeps on growing. Slowly it seems as if the doom has come. Ira further wrote, "That's how I think. I don't know how a panic attack happens. It's a very strange feeling. My doctor has said that if it becomes regular, I will have to tell my doctor/psychiatrist. But when it comes, bridging helps in it. At least for a few hours. It also depends on whether I get stressed again by something else.''

Apart from this, Ira has also mentioned in her post that the picture she has posted is after the panic attack. In fact, she took this picture after taking the shower. At the moment, seeing this post of Ira, fans are asking her to stay well.

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