Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he is worried, 9th August, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

In the latest episode, Akshara questions Dr. Kunal about why they can't perform the checkup today. Dr. Kunal advises keeping it until the following day because Abhimanyu must be exhausted. Dr. Kunal tells them that tomorrow is Rakshabandhan and that they should complete the puja and all other preparations before keeping the scheduled appointment time. Neil asserts that he was the first to value a festival. They can keep the appointment at any time he will be available, Dr. Kunal tells them, explaining that this festival is about relationships.

Harsh later admits to Manjiri that he senses Abhimanyu is anxious. Manjiri promises to observe fasts in his honour. Even so, he promises to keep it. Abhimanyu expresses his concern to Akshara. She soothes him. The following day, Dr. Kunal walks inside the hospital and reflects on the fact that he had previously vowed never to step foot inside one again. Akshara invites Abhimanyu inside. He meets Abhimanyu. He should begin with a few tests, advises Dr. Kunal. When Akshara starts crying, Abhimanyu tells her not to. Dr. Kunal gives them a look. Dr. Kunal welcomes Harsh, Akshara, and Anand and explains that while his efforts have yielded 99 percent success, Abhimanyu's fate rests in the remaining 1 percent.

Later, Akshara and Abhimanyu share a cupcake. Anisha, on the other hand, receives a package and is informed that it contains her bridal attire. She is told to wear it by Aarohi. When she opens it, Dadi is shocked to find the backless blouse and inquires about Anisha's bridal attire. This is not what she requested, according to Anisha; it may have been misplaced. She is informed by Dadi that this is not Mumbai. Anisha promises not to wear it. Everyone makes an effort to soothe Dadi. Akshara overhears a voice message being sent to Anisha by someone as Abhimanyu returns to grab his phone.

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