Abhinav Kohli targets Shweta Tiwari, says
Abhinav Kohli targets Shweta Tiwari, says "Playing emotional games"

Shweta Tiwari, Prerna of TV show Kasauti Zindagi Ki, filed a complaint last year accusing her husband Abhinav Kohli of domestic violence. It was also said that she is living separately with her children. Abhinav has targeted Shweta through his post. Abhinav loves his children very much and never wants to be separated from them. Abhinav spoke in an interview to a media reporter. Abhinav said "I am not a human being in the way Shweta has portrayed me in the media. I come from a very good background. My late father was an Air Force officer and my mother is a doctor. I was raised very well. I am not as bad as I am being told. I have been a victim of Victim Card. Through my post, I am just trying to keep the right thing. I don't know how to play with words, maybe some people don't understand me, but I'm just trying to bring the truth to people. I will keep doing this in future also. No one knows why she is doing this".

He further says "Shweta is not letting me meet my son Reyansh. For months I was calm because Shweta was playing with my emotions. Whenever she did something wrong and I used to interrupt her, she immediately started playing emotional games. To avoid talking at that time, Reyansh is missing you, come home, etc. and I would have agreed. I used to forgive her. But this issue is not ending. Shweta did not allow Abhinav to meet her son for the last few months. Abhinav says "I live with my mother just a building away. Now she does not let me visit my children. My birthday was on June 6, that day too It was Father's Day on June 21. She refused me to meet Reyansh even that day. If I go to her house she immediately calls the police. I have tried to convince the police several times."

"Shweta was busy shooting for Parvarish at the time. We were living in that house since 2012. Shweta has a great influence on the police. Police also threaten me. Not only is the law in her favour. Despite this, I am ready to put an end to all these feelings for my son. Shweta is ready for this solution. Shweta wants me to leave everything - leave her, Reyansh, home. But I will not let this happen. What she did in her first marriage will not allow it to happen this time. I will fight for my right.  I will not let my image be discredited. I am self-sufficient and will fight my own battle. I have no fear of telling the truth". From 2010, Shweta was dating actor Abhinav Kohli. Currently, he revealed this after a long time. In the year 2013, from the stage of dance reality show 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa', Shweta had announced that she is going to marry Abhinav in July. The wedding held on 13 July 2013 was kept very low-profile, in which only close friends of Shweta of TV industry reached.



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