Abhishek Ranjan | A young journalist emerging as the voice of the Garib- Gurba

May 16 2020 02:35 PM
Abhishek Ranjan | A young journalist emerging as the voice of the Garib- Gurba

Imagination of democracy is not possible without journalism. Keeping a rich democracy alive is the religion of every journalist and Abhishek Ranjan is following this religion very well as a young journalist. Abhishek have good news sense and a well-versed in issues, Abhishek Ranjan is an emerging name in the digital media world.

He is a young journalist who does independent journalism, he has not seen journalism as a profession but Abhishek Ranjan treated it as a mission that makes Abhishek Ranjan different from the others. He believes that journalism is a weapon that fights the government for the right and demand of poor and he believe journalists are the soldiers of this war.

As a journalist, Abhishek Ranjan writes & speak on various websites and social media platforms. The specialty of his news is that he writes boldly about the reality of the news, Abhishek Ranjan's main interest is in doing journalism of the village & Deprived people, he says Be their tongue..

Abhishek Ranjan did his bachelor's degree in journalism from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi after this he did his postgraduate studies, from Makhan Lal Chaturvedi National university of Journalism and Mass Communication, he has got awards in various forums. He has also been the winner of CID Bravery Award organized by Sony Channel.

Abhishek Ranjan is also a good short film maker he with the journalism fighting for the rights of Garib & Gurba along with this Abhishek Ranjan is constantly striving to uncover social evil through his short film.

With all these work, Abhishek Ranjan is also doing research at a personal level to improve journalism and to protect society from fake news. He is fighting these challenges through his research and he believes that he will definitely succeed in this battle. He is a young journalist as well as an ideal journalist and is known on the Internet and social media as Journalist Abhishek Ranjan.

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