“Abla Naari Powerful Hai..”, Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Durrani on her Allegations
“Abla Naari Powerful Hai..”, Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Durrani on her Allegations

Rakhi Sawant is one of the renowned faces in the entertainment Industry. The actress recently lost her mother. She shocked everyone by sharing marriage pictures with her Boyfriend Adil Durrani. However, Adil after denying the marriage with her accepted it on a social media post. Now Rakhi and Adil’s fight turned ugly. They are accusing and making big allegations on each other.

During the conversation with Media Adil was asked that Rakhi said everything his fine between them and he is returned to her. Adil replied, “Back to pavillion? Main humesha Rakhi ke saath hun. Main kaha gaya tha)? Shah Rukh bhai bhi aaye the toh kuch nahi leke aaya the. Main bhi kuch nahi leke tha. Main kya hi kahun? Jo Rakhi bolti hai sach hai. Sab kuch sach hai ."

Adil also opens up about why he is not making media appearance and sharing his side. He said, "Media ke saamne main aake karun kya? Main Rakhi ko ghalat bolun ya main khudko ghalat sabith karu? Mujhe yeh sab karna hi nahi hai na Adil was asked if his 'issue of girlfriend' has been resolved, he replied, "Woh sab pata hi nahi hai masla. Kya bol sakta hun? Rakhi kuch bhi karsakti hai. Powerful hai na? Abla naari powerful hai.”

Earlier Adil slammed Rakhi for making remarks on him. He wrote, “The way she tell's I'll be in fridge even I can say I don't want to be Sushant Singh Rajput. A sensible guy like me who stood for her who give her a life style and everything easy to tell he didn't come with 1 rupee to Mumbai. Hats off to you nice exit plan but not smart enough. " Adil added that Rakhi has asked media not to cover him anymore as he would tell them the truth. “'Main hero be banana janti houn zero be (I can make you are hero or a zero), media I will hold your legs don't go to Adil'. Why? Because he will come up with facts. Why are you afraid of that?”

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