Abu Sayem, a successful digital entrepreneur and social media influencer is known for his knowledge and experience

The young entrepreneur started working at a very young age, since then he has gained enough experience to attract brands and influencers from every corner of the globe.

It is said that change is the only constant and it becomes true if we look around us. Everything around us is changing and the only way for anyone who wants to be relevant all the time is to adapt to change. We have come a long way from word-of-mouth marketing to digital marketing, or becoming digitally influential. In order for a brand / influencer to survive in today's market, its digital game needs to be on point. But digital marketing is a clever business and it should be left to the experts. Abu Sayem, a man from Rangpur, Bangladesh who has been in this field for many years.

The young entrepreneur started working at a very young age, since then he has gained enough experience to attract brands and influencers from every corner of the globe.

He is a young multi-talented boy, highly motivated and positive person. His influential content on Twitter and Instagram is mostly about a lifestyle, politics, governance which is really perfect. He loved to travel and used his leisure time to travel and explore the countryside and create content that served as a major advertisement for any young traveler.

Having been in this space for many years, Sayem has come to understand the industry of digital marketing very well. According to him, while working on their digital presence, you should always have 5 tips to increase your digital presence:

Content is the king
It is true that people are not interested in your promotion. They need to be noticed differently in order to get their attention. Content marketing is a tool that comes in handy here. Providing people with unique and relevant content is probably the best way to get their attention and at the same time highlight the value of your brand.

Decode your target audience
Your efforts will be completely wasted if you focus on the wrong audience. Not everyone needs your product or service. The key is to find your target audience and make the best impact with their hammer in the right way of marketing.

3) Monitor the performance
There is no point in leaving only your content if you do not observe. There are some things that may work for some other brands but may not work for you. They help us figure out what works best for us and our competitors. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is one thing that becomes extremely important after you start working on your digital presence.

Keep a 360 degree approach
Studies have shown that the number of mobile phone users has increased rapidly in the last few years. With the majority of people having access to smartphones, it has become a primary device through which people use the Internet. But at the same time, your content is going to users on different devices. When designing your content or a campaign, it is very important to have a 360 degree approach with all the scenes in mind.

5) Connect with the audience
The more responsive and interactive your brand is, the more people will like it. Value feedback, solve problems and be with your audience whenever you need them. This will not only help your brand to be credible but also build a relationship with your audience in your online reputation.

"Age is just a number", substantiates Riya Kanthaliya, a young influencer.

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