Ace of Spades Digital PR Agency: What Does it Mean to be an Influencer?
Ace of Spades Digital PR Agency: What Does it Mean to be an Influencer?

What picture comes to mind when you hear the word ‘influencer’? Many people think of influencers as attractive, young people who have millions of followers and post entertaining or amusing content.

However, Ace of Spades PR Agency says that there are many different forms of being an influencer than just the shallow view we have of it now. According to the agency's founder, Jay Jay, an influencer can be anyone who influences another person in any way. And one big category of influencers that often is overlooked is entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurs often don’t realize the impact they are having on other people. Whether it’s through their personal life and accomplishments, or through their products or services, they are influencing many more people than they usually realize.”

Because of this position that entrepreneurs have, it’s important to make the most of it. “If you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t want to be a lousy influencer. Make sure your content, your services, your products, etc. are worthwhile. It can’t just be about how you look, it also has to be about the quality.” One way Jay Jay shares you can show the world you care about your business and clients is by getting published in the press.

“When you invest in your business, it shows the world that you are not afraid to put money into your business. This shows people that you are ready to serve them with your product or services.” Ace of Spades Digital PR Agency specializes in helping entrepreneurs and influencers become leading experts in their industry. To learn more about Ace of Spades, you can visit their website and find Jay Jay on Instagram @jayajaylive. 

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