How to Treat and Prevent Bumps After Waxing

Aug 18 2019 03:17 PM
How to Treat and Prevent Bumps After Waxing

You will know the pain caused by waxing. This pain is over after some time, but many people get pimples or rash after waxing which gives great pain and the skin also looks bad. According to experts, the pores open after the hair is pulled and broken and the bacteria sits in these open knuckles, causing the grains to boil. But when they end after a while, some people have to stay for a long time. That's what we're going to tell you.

This will not be the way after waxing-

1. Do not do waxing during periods. Your skin is more sensitive these days and may cause such problems.

2. Avoid going to very hot or pollution-prone places immediately after waxing. In such an environment, the open knuckles are covered with dirt and dust that turn into boils.

Get rid of post-waxing donations-
1. If you rub or clean your skin with a pour stone, do not do so immediately after waxing. Wait for a few hours before using pumice stone Do you know these home remedies to get rid of unwanted hair?

2. Antibiotics on the affected parts can prevent the spread of germs and stains.

3. Do not use any hard soap after waxing. Rather, use plain water and lufa for bathing.

4. Wearing loose-fitting clothes. Wearing tight jeans, shirt or trousers can cause the skin to rub off clothing and may cause more problems due to the rashes.

5. Apply the Ointment the first few days to avoid boils.

6. Always use ice after waxing. Then use a good moisturizer.

7. Applying fresh lemon juice, coconut oil or tea tree oil is also beneficial. Apply baby powder to avoid itching. These household recipes will cure waxing in a few days.

8. Do not scrape or itch with nails. If itches too much, rub the place with a soft cloth.

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