Actor Kovid Mittal shared the secret behind his health and fitness and how he transformed his physique to drool-worthy

Mar 03 2021 12:19 PM
Actor Kovid Mittal shared the secret behind his health and fitness and how he transformed his physique to drool-worthy

As far as Kovid Mittal is concerned, his physique, his smile, his acting as well as his designs all are exceptionally amazing. The model who turned into an actor, Kovid Mittal is a new talent to look out for in bollywood. There have been many talks about the transformation of the actor and his fitness. He also constantly shares his fitness videos on his social media accounts mainly on Instagram. And also in many interviews, Kovid has been asked how he stays so fit.

Before entering into the entertainment industry, Kovid has worked for various brands as a model and is having experience of 10 years in modelling as well as the fashion industry. Not only he gained experience but also paved his way in the heart of his fans. He is involved in wellness and fitness for the past few years. And he is having his own trendy and luxury men's clothing label.

Recently, we caught up with actor Kovid Mittal where he shared his special fitness secrets and some fitness tips as well. 

There is no need for crash diets to have six-pack abs

On being asked about the crash diets and his diets while following a particular fitness goal. He said, “I have always been in fitness but was never inclined towards having 6packs. But eventually, I realised being in modelling supporting six-pack abs can get you noticed more. So I closely monitored my diet and nutritional habit. six-pack abs are not magic it’s all about bringing your body fat percentage below 10percent so abdominal muscles are visible. Didn’t follow any crash diet, just had healthy clean food, and took away junk food from my food menu.”

Fitness is not about having six-pack abs only

He said that It’s really sad people go on drastic crash diets and fat burner pills to get lean but there are long term harmful effects of those pills. I believe fitness is not about having abs but having good skin and hair quality and healthy thoughts. 

What Kovid Suggests? There are some fitness tips for you

On being asked about the suggestion or the fitness tips he said, All I would suggest new upcoming models do not need to spend the heavy amount on whey proteins. We can get all the protein from a balanced diet incorporating eggs, chicken, soy, cottage cheese peas, veggies etc.

If one is consistent with the gym, results will eventually show up.  Keep learning from watching videos on youtube about fitness and keep evolving.

Talking about Kovid, He has worked in many films and documentaries like ‘Mental Asylum’ and ‘6387 Meters Black Peak’, which was a documentary based on a real-life incident. He also holds a World Record for scaling the ‘Black Peak’ in a minimum record time of 6 days situated at 6387 meters above sea level. Not only this he has also been recognized as ‘TCHL entrepreneur of 2019’ which is like a goal is achieved. The multi-talented actor is all set to reveal his talent in the entertainment industry, with his charm.

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