After breaking up with girlfriend Emily Miller, actor made shocking revelation

Too Hot to Handle Show fame Cam Holmes has broken up with his partner and girlfriend Emily Miller on the show. Cam has made a big revelation after the breakup. Cam has said that while shooting for this Netflix Kids show, he broke the serious rules with Emily. The 25-year-old Cam has said in her confession that she has had sex with Emily Miller several times during the show. 
Cam said that the two were intimated several times in the program last year. In the meantime, they were never caught, when the contestants of the show were banned from kissing or having any kind of sexual contact.  Talking to the media, Cam said, "I have had sex many times. In fact, if you don't do it Adam's, they're not going to let it go on-air. They knew we were doing this... But if you are soft, there is very little movement... It didn't happen during the day, at night, with very little movement, I could do anything at that time, so I said I was shaking in my sleep." 

Continuing, he said, "A lot of people in my series don't know about it, in my series, no one even tried for sex, it was me and Emily and some other people. If you don't talk to your producers about that, it would have been strange... There's no sense."   

The best part was that the news of the relationship between the two came when Emily broke up with Cam. According to reports, Cam has also cheated with Emily. When Emily went to Thailand, Cam was having an affair with someone else. After learning this, Emily parted her way with Cam. The two met at the Netflix Kids Show in June 2021.

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