Actor Nakuul Mehta responds to Pakistan's win over India
Actor Nakuul Mehta responds to Pakistan's win over India

Actor Nakuul Mehta posted a series of tweets congratulating the "neighbours" and responding to several Twitter users after Pakistan defeated India by five wickets in the ongoing Asia Cup 2022. Nakuul posted on Twitter and stated, "Excellent pursuit by the neighbours! No, I don't have a TV. FYI (just in case), #PakVsInd." A user of Twitter responded, "If congratulating Pakistan seems difficult to you, dear neighbour... Instead, we will gladly accept a prayer for everyone impacted by the flooding. Floods in Pakistan: #PAKvsIND #INDvsPAK." (Also Read | After Team India's defeat, Nakuul Mehta asks Pakistanis not to "break their TV"

Is the meaning of stellar chase different in your neighbourhood, Nakuul retorted? "Stellar chase ka matlab kuch aur hota aapke neighbourhood mein." The writer stated, "Your attention and that of everyone else reading was the goal. Obviously effective I explained why I wanted the attention in the second part of the tweet. I'm not particularly worried about the game. #FloodsInPakistan."

It's acceptable to not have a TV if you don't break your phone, someone once wrote in a comment. "Was waiting for your tweet sir," read one comment. I beg you, don't destroy the TV. from Monday through Friday, watch your serial! What is there in cricket, mn kia rakha hy? "Switching to American football asap (as soon as possible)," he retorted.

"Won't you congratulate today, Nakul Bhai?" a different person questioned. "Kamaal khele!" the actor wrote. Stunning playing, Mubarkaaaan. Congratulations)." "Thank you for the Mubarakan, but dil se ati tou kuch aur bat thi," was the person's response. If it had come from the heart, it would have been different. Which Nakuul replied, "Fingers through typing ke bhejna padha dil se hi aayi par! It was from the heart, but I had to use my fingers to type it. Aapka koi aur tareeka hai to sikhaayein. Teach me if you are aware of any other method."

You mean "You don't watch TV," a different Twitter user enquired? But other people must, the actor retorted. Pakistan defeated India in a game on Sunday at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Nakuul had also tweeted after India defeated Pakistan to encourage people to watch his show rather than "break their television" instead.

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