These actors who played Raavan role in Ramayana

Ramayana can never be complete without Ravana. Apart from this, whenever the Ramayana is mentioned, it is necessary to have the name of Ravana. This was first understood by Ramanand Sagar, who served the entire Ramayana to the audience in the 80s. At the same time, that serial created history in every sense, along with every artist of the show was unmatched. At the same time, Arvind Trivedi played the role of Ravana in the same episode, while he played that character in such a way that whoever played the role of Ravana in the future, had to work very hard. It happened because many Ramayan were made in the country even after Ramanand Sagar and many Ravan were also seen. Let's take a look at those Ravan and know how successful they were-

Akhilendra Mishra
Ramanand was created by Ramanand Sagar's son Anand Sagar in 2008. He made it only after being inspired by his father's show. With this, in the show Gurmeet Chaudhary was playing the role of Ram, Debina Banerjee was playing the role of Sita. At the same time, Akhilendra Mishra was seen in the role of Ravana in the show. Like in 1980, this Ramayana received a lot of love from the public and Akhilendra Mishra was also liked by everyone in the role of Ravana.

Arya Babbar
Actor Arya Babbar also got a chance to play the role of Ravana on the small screen. Along with this, he played the role of Ravana for the serial Mahabali Hanuman. Now though his acting was fine, but everyone felt that he was away from reality. At the same time, the public liked Hanuman very much, but Ravan could not do that amazing.

Narendra Jha
Actor Narendra Jha played a very long innings in Bollywood. He also acted in many memorable films. Zee TV gave him a chance to work in the serial Ravana. In this serial Ravana was in the main lead and his life was highlighted. Along with this, Narendra Jha played the role of Ravana in the serial. Now it is difficult to tell how much the audience was able to woo the audience on the pretext of this role, but in Bihar, he gained tremendous popularity through this character and he was also called Ravana of Bihar.

Karthik Jayaram
The serial Siya's Ram received good popularity among the audience. Along with this, the show was shown from the point of view of Sita. Karthik Jayaram was cast in the role of Ravana in the show. People could not remember Kartik Jayaram's character of Ravana doing excellent work in South's industry for a long time.

Paras Chhabra
Paras Chhabra, who came as a contestant in Bigg Boss 13, has also played the role of Ravana. At the same time, Paras played Rawal in the serial Vighnaharta Ganesh. He tried his best to make that character come alive. But Paras Chhabra did not earn much popularity through Ravana.

Tarun Khanna
Dev Mahadev of Devon is counted in a successful serial in TV history. Along with this, everything from the show's story to every character was so great that the audience's heart was happy. Tarun Khanna was seen as Ravana in the show. At the same time, though this serial was about Lord Shiva, but the Ramayana was also highlighted in this. Tarun's acting was highly praised.

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