Actress Aakanksha Sareen has the perfect advice for young girls who want an acting career

Every day, numerous youngsters daydream about being actors or actresses. While some bury their dreams at one or the other stage, some follow them till the end. Those who follow them are those that put hours into perfecting their craft and growing a thickskin against odds. These people that unlock success go on to become role models for other enthusiasts. One of such people is actress AakankshaSareen, who has toiled over the years and reached a position where some people envy her and others look up to her.

Aakanksha is a popular face in modeling campaigns and Punjabi music videos. She comes from a simple background and has worked very hard to come to where she is today. Her love for acting and stardom started way back in childhood, when she’d dress up in her mom’s dupatta and heels. Later, in 2014, the movie buff won the title of Femina Miss Diva Chandigarh. She has won immense praise for her performance in music videos of over 400 songs. Some of her iconic performances include songs like Dil Darda by Roshan Prince, Paune Atth by Ranjit Bawa,Teeji Seat by kaka, Shaniwar by Gurnam Bhullar, and Zumba by Babbu Mann. She proudly talks about her debut song Jaan by Happy Rajkoti that helped her shoot to fame.

She also has a thriving acting career. Her first movie was a Hema Malini production titled Mitti - Virasat Babbaran Di. Her performance in other Punjabi movies, Dulla Vaily and Gurmukh, also received applause.

We asked her what advice she’d like to pass on to young girls who harbor similar dreams and she had a lot to say.

Aakanksha said that it may sound like a cliché but it is very important to believe in oneself. She said that the world will constantly weigh you down with expectations, opinions, and lack of belief in your talent, but it is you who can take the reins of your life. She remembers how relatives used to taunt her for her dreams and insisted that she be a teacher or a doctor or get a government job. Aakanksha also said that it is particularly difficult for girls because everyone wants to control their life. People also warned Aakanksha that an acting career wouldn’t be approved by her future husband. She is now grateful to god and her determination that she didn’t give in to the pressure.

The next piece of advice that Aakanksha wants to give to young girls is to ignore the lewd remarks and give a stern reply if people ask for favors in return for roles. Aakanksha says that objectification of women is a plague in the entertainment industry, but one has to ignore it and move forward. She admits that ignorance was one virtue that helped her sail through the tough phases of her career.

The last thing she wants to pass on is to understand the virtue of patience. She said that it may seem like an eternity before you get your first project but after that, it just gets better.

We hope more people follow Aakanksha and stay persistent enough to achieve their dreams.

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