The famous South actress made a big revelation, says "Casting couch for role..."

Esha Agarwal who appeared in the film 'Kahin Hain Mera Pyaar' with famous Bollywood actors Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Kapoor is very active on social media. She may not have done many films in Bollywood, but through South films, she has made a special place in the hearts of the people. Esha Agarwal, who won the Miss Beauty Top of the World 2019 award, was subjected to casting couch before coming to the screen. She recently made a sensational revelation about the casting couch.

Stars often reveal what the reality behind the glittering world is. There are many stars who faced casting couch before coming on screen. Actress Isha Agarwal is also one of them. She recently revealed the casting couch in an interview. Isha Agarwal said "Journey has not been easy for me in the world of entertainment. I had to face a lot of difficulties in this. Coming from a small town like Latur and making a name for itineplace in the streets of Mumbai is no less than a challenge".

She said "When  you come from a small district, you don't accept the idea of going to showbiz first, so it is a big challenge in itself. But somehow I proved myself and convinced my parents and immediately after completing my studies, i reached Mumbai and started auditioning. Esha said that after coming to Mumbai, I realized that the dagar I had chosen is not easy. When I came to Mumbai, a casting person called me to his office. When I reached her office with my sister, she said that she had cast many big stars and would give me a good project. While talking, he suddenly asked me to take off my clothes because he had to see my body. Before I could say anything, he explained the reason why he would look at my body and tell if he was fit for the character".

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